Week 3 – Visual Culture

The week 3 has been dedicated to visual culture. Although I’m familiar with basic image editing such as sourcing, resizing or effecting, I don’t have much experience with using more advanced tools such as Photoshop.

We’ve started with basic editing and playing with combining images like this:


Craters Of The Moon HD   moo edited

Next, we’ve focused on meme construction using the example of Prehistoric-Tourist Guy and Movie Poster:


After classes, I’ve been exploring Photoshop further as well as other tools for visualising data, creating and editing images.

Here’s an example of some editing I’ve done using Photoshop and overlay blending mode:

Finished    Cory1


*The portrait has been taken from ForTheRemix, a website that provides free photos for remix, all under CCC (Creative Commons Licence).

**The second photo of the street has been found through the CCC search engine.

Going further, I’ve been also interested in tools for creating graphs and infographics as I find them useful at work. Here is a few example:


Data Hero is a great tool for visualising big amount of data that can be uploaded from spreadsheets.

DataHero Analysis                    DataHero What's unique about your agency


Piktochart is particularly useful for creating great infographics, customised reports and interactive presentations. It allows users to use ready templates or create new ones.




Easelly can be used for visualising data using nicely designed graphs and charts. It also gives you freedom to add other elements such as text or logos.

AdKeywordOverlapsample     InferredSpendSample


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