Week 2 – Social Reading and Writing

During the second workshop we’ve been looking at social networks such as Twitter, Storify, Tumblr and IFTTT+.

Although I’ve came across most of them, I’ve only been actively using Twitter as it helps me at work. I work in Digital Marketing, and following companies, agencies and people from my industry helps me to keep up to date with most recent news and changes. My Twitter feed reminds me of Storify as by following the right people I’ve created a constant feed of interesting blog posts from within Digital Marketing sector.

Screen Shot - Twitter

My Twitter is my Storify.

To look at something new I’ve been “playing” with IFTTT+ as I haven’t used it before. I was amazed by the amount of available “Collections” with hundreds of “recipes” for all sort of things from work to personal live.

Screen Shot - IFTTT+ collections


What stroke me most, was the amount of “recipes” for tracking and “improving” live. To give a few examples:

Screen Shot - Daily Nike+ activity Screen Shot - Log time you spend at work:home

Screen Shot - Track your sleepScreen Shot - Nearly home?

What concerns me most, is whether people realise that all the personal data they record (e.g. location, activity, lifestyle) and publish, is being stored. In result, they actively contribute to creating a huge folder full of very personal data about their lives. It can then be used by marketers, or even government. Reading terms and conditions of tools we use would make us more aware of what happens with data we track and submit. But who’s got time to do that…?

The movement of measuring and analysing every aspect of our lives with technology has been called “The Quantified Self”, also knows as “lifelogging”. It’s been popularised by Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly, who now run a USA-based company called “Quantified Self Labs”, which unites self-tracking enthusiasts from all over the world.






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