Week 1 – Building Things

At today’s seminar we’ve been talking about the structure of the Theory and Practice of Interactive Media module. In my first blog post I want to write about my thoughts and expectations toward this term.

Having background in Media and Cultural studies, which is highly theoretical, I’m always a bit concerned about getting on with practical projects. During the introduction (everyone was asked to introduce themselves and their background), I’ve realised that I’m in the group of minority of people who haven’t used advanced technical skills such as graphic design, coding, music production etc. in the past.

Despite my concerns, I need to bear in mind that I’ve decided to study Digital Media, rather than continue Media and Cultural studies, as I wanted to learn something new. Although I’ve always enjoyed the theoretical aspect of academia, I’ve been missing the practical bit, the joy of “making”.

Looking at the range of topics and tools we’ll be exploring this term makes me excited about new opportunities. I look forward to getting familiar with software that I’ve never worked with before (e.g. Photoshop or Flash), being creative and, finally, making my own piece of interactive media.




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